Easyliner 4-way stretch carpet

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This 10 metre roll is ideal for a VW T5/T6 short wheel base campervan. We would recommend ordering roughly 15 metres for a long wheel base. (That’s including headliner).

This is a pliable lining carpet with a 4-way stretch allowing you to mould it around all the tricky areas such as the wheel arch and windows of your camper with the most ease. It is the most popular lining for DIY conversions because it is stretchy enough to work around all the corners and curves easily, saving a lot of messing about trying to get cut edges to match up perfectly.

NB: Carpet per 10 x linear meter (20 sq meters)

Additional Product Information

Some professionals prefer Veltrim as it is thicker and more ‘dense’ but it does not stretch. This means that you have to cut pieces to fill curved gaps and to work around the wheel arches. It’s all just a bit more hassle for a marginally better finish – but you could end up making it look worse if not done well!

How much do you need? As a guide, we would recommend roughly 10 metres of lining for a VW T5 short wheel base van and 15 metres for a long wheel base. (That’s including headliner). You will also need some of our high-temperature adhesive and the best formula we have found is to work on 1 can per metre length of carpet. We recommend adding on the 12 pack high temperature adhesive to ensure you’re not left short.

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